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Student Housing

Build Your Student Housing Gym with help From Used Gym Equipment At Gym Trading Specialist, we simplify the process of designing and building premium fitness facilities to save our clients time and money. Along with providing high-quality new and used fitness equipment, we offer technical support and consulting services to ensure your facility is a success.

New and Remanufactured Used Gym Machines

Outfit your student housing gym with the highest-quality cardio and strength machines. At Gym Trading Specialist, we sell brand-new machines by Life Fitness, Star-Trac, Precor, Technogym, Zest and more. We can refurbish pre-owned machines to restore them to their former glory. Our industry connections give us unparalleled access to fitness centre liquidations and manufacturer lease returns, and we’re proud to pass these savings on to you the consumer.

Branding and Decor

The most desirable student apartment buildings are as attractive as they are functional, displaying a uniformity of design throughout the property. One of the benefits of partnering with Gym Trading Specialist is that our team can remanufacture your equipment using custom colours that meld with the rest of your decor. From embroidery to flooring, we specialize in branding and beautifying student housing gyms.

Student Apartment Gym Essentials

Once upon a time, the average college student resided in a dorm with cinderblock walls and communal bathrooms. However, times have changed, and today’s collegiate crowd enjoys more stylish accommodations. Along with public study spaces, off-campus housing now features pools, coffee shops, saunas, and of course state-of-the-art fitness complexes.

As student apartment construction rates skyrocket, developers are competing with one another to lure top tenants, and building amenities are becoming increasingly impressive as a result. Serving clients since 2001, Gym Trading Specialist partners with student housing builders to create exceptional fitness facilities both nationally and abroad. Whether you need help sourcing affordable equipment or selecting the ideal layout for your gym facility, our team can assist.

The high turnover rate associated with student apartments means that building owners are constantly on the lookout for new tenants. Along with enabling them to exercise without heading to a private or campus gym, on-site fitness facilities offer communal spaces for students to congregate and spend time together. Here are some of the key features to consider when building a student fitness centre in your building:


It’s no secret that college students boast busy schedules. Between classes, homework, and part-time jobs, students have a limited amount of time to fit in a workout. With that in mind, the most desirable student apartment buildings feature fitness centres with flexible hours. Consider a 24/7 fitness facility so your tenants can exercise at whatever time of day is most convenient.


Today’s college students grew up with sophisticated technology at their fingertips. Hence, owners of student housing buildings need to take steps to ensure their fitness centres are truly state of the art. Consider purchasing machines outfitted with HD touchscreen televisions and video workout options.

Multi-Tenant Office Building

Used Gym Equipment Delivers Corporate Fitness Solutions and Multi-Tenant Office Building.
On any given day, multi-tenant office building owners have multiple responsibilities competing for their time. Understanding that your schedule is already packed, we provide comprehensive consulting services to help you remodel your existing gym or get a new corporate fitness facility up and running. Here are some of the many reasons landlords choose Used Gym Equipment over other gym machine suppliers:

Premium New and Used Gym Equipment

If you want prospective tenants to be wowed by your corporate fitness facility, you need to ensure your equipment is top of the line. Thanks to our strong relationships with brand-name manufacturers like Life Fitness, Star-Trac, and Precor, and Technogym, we can offer a wide range of new and pre-owned gym equipment.

Complete Consulting

From delivering and installing equipment to advising on flooring and layout, we offer complete consulting services for a wide array of fitness facilities. Trust us to help you build a new gym or remodel your current one to meet the needs of your tenants.

Reasons to Build a Corporate Fitness Facility

As the owner of a multi-tenant office building, you may be wondering if a fitness facility will truly add value to your property. Below are some of the many reasons that commercial renters prefer to lease spaces in building that have gyms:

Draw Top Employees for Your Tenants

Whether or not they wind up using a corporate fitness centre, employees are more attracted to companies offering these amenities. After all, office workers have busy schedules, and the idea of heading to an outside gym or fitness studio after hours can seem exhausting. By providing an on-site fitness facility, businesses give employees the chance to get their sweat on without even leaving the building.

Help Tenants Boost Employee Productivity

Companies often make the mistake of assuming that gyms and other amenities distract workers from the task at hand. However, the truth is that these facilities actually boost employee productivity. After all, employees who can visit a gym on site are less likely to leave early or take a long lunch so they can hit up that yoga class down the road. The end result is that workers spend more time at their desks.

Keep Workers Healthy and Strong

Healthy, active employees are less likely to take time off due to colds and flus. If you want to minimize the number of illnesses impacting your tenants, a fitness centre is a great way to go. As a bonus, a multi-tenant fitness facility promotes a sense of community, encouraging all tenants to feel pride in their office space.

Why Build a Multi-Family Fitness Complex

A beautiful, fully stocked fitness facility adds value and desirability to just about any residence. Here are some of the benefits associated with partnering with Gym Trading Specialist on your multi-family complex fitness facility:

Attract More Renters

We all know how hard it can be to make it to the gym after a long day at work. One of the top reasons to outfit your residence with a condo gym is that it helps attract tenants seeking to get fit without leaving home. Even if new residents don’t wind up using an apartment gym, studies show that they intend to do so. As a result, potential tenants are more likely to rent in a building that has an on-site apartment fitness centre than one lacking this amenity.

Keep Good Tenants

With a TransUnion SmartMove report showing that 54% of apartments turn over every year, it’s no surprise that buildings owners are constantly seeking ways of keeping good tenants around. When you invest in a high-end multi-family complex fitness facility, you give renters a reason to avoid apartment hunting for another year.

Build Community

According to a 2018 Consumer Housing Insights survey, 83% of individuals value a property that allows for in-person socializing with friends and neighbours.

As the boutique fitness trend continues to grow, indoor cycle studios are emerging as a clear front-runner in the field. With well-known brands like SoulCycle leading the pack, an increasing number of indoor cycle studios are popping up across the country. Popular with fitness fanatics and casual exercises alike, these indoor cycle studios offer a fun, social atmosphere for members to get their sweat on while providing an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs.

While it’s clear that there’s profit to be made in the world of exercise cycles, gym owners need to ensure that their studios meet customers’ expectations. Along with exceptional acoustics, the best facilities boast high-quality indoor training bikes and an appealing aesthetic. In business since 2001, Gym Trading Specialist has 20 years of experience helping owners build and remodel high-end fitness centres. From providing affordable new and refurbished equipment to offer premium consulting, we’re a one-stop solution for gyms nationwide.

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